Monday, November 06, 2006

Making a Comeback

The bad news is that I have been a terrible blogger since June. I have still tried to read blogs, but have been horrible about commenting and even worse about writing my own. The good news is that the journey is still on. I have just been very busy with my sons. I have one year left before they go to kindergarten and I want to enjoy this time with them as much as possible. We have been traveling some, visiting our normal museums and zoos, and just being together a lot. They are in preschool four days a week, but I work with them there two days, so I really have very little "me" time. This isn't a complaint because I realize what's important, just a statement. Since life seemed so simple, I decided in July to expand our family. We are now the proud parents of a dog. Her name is Bisbee, after the Arizona town. We adopted her from the local pound (of course!), and she has been a challenge but a good one. She was very sick when we got her, but now she is well and tons of fun. We don't have a yard, but thankfully the boys are very active so we go for lots of family walks and try to take her to the dog park at least a few times a week. I am looking forward to when she is older so she can run a little with me!

I have still been training a lot and I think it is going very well. I am following an online schedule that Fe-Lady found for me. I have essentially been working out 6 days a week and most days are double days. It has been manageable so far. Although I am sure that in the next ten weeks it will be getting pretty crazy! Over the summer, my swim coach at the Y (Coach "You will never get anywhere with that stroke" Ivan) moved on to bluer pools. For awhile I tried to do the workouts on my own, but this just didn't work for me. I am not a very strong swimmer and I need coaching in a desperate way. I found a new master's program in Torrance with an AWESOME coach. This program is pretty intense. At the Y, there were seven of us and I was right in the middle skills-wise. Now, there are about 50 swimmers and I am honestly better than two of them. Three mornings a week I leave my ego at home and challenge myself to keep up in whatever way I can. My old practice was for one hour, but now we practice for 1.5 hours. That was a tough adjustment but I think in the long run the longer practice will really benefit my ironman training. Depending on the workout, we do between 2700 and 3500 yards each practice! Starting in December, my coach will also start giving me some Ironman specific workouts. Did I mention the start time of this group? It is 5 am! yawn!!! This means I get up at 4:35 in order to get dressed, take Bisbee out, bring Bisbee to our bedroom where she sleeps next to the bed, and get to practice. Despite the early hour, I do try to appreciate the sunrise when I can. In five months I am going to see the sunrise over Tempe Townlake. When I am waiting for the canon to go off, I want to think about these early morning practices and know I am prepared.

Over the summer I competed in the Santa Barbara Triathlon. This was a very special event because my dad did it as his first triathlon!! I cannot tell you how cool that was. He has long been a strong cyclist, and a decent runner, but he swam like a rock. I tell ya, he was an awful swimmer. He absolutely worked his butt off learning how to swim, training for the event and doing an awesome job there. The coolest thing was that we left T1 together and leap frogged each other a few times on the bike. Eventually he took a strong lead on the bike, but I passed him in T2. The course was: 1 mi ocean swim, 35 mile bike, 10 mile run. Here are our results:

Swim 40:26 (this time inspired me to find the masters group!)
T1 3:55
Bike 2:07:01
T2 2:01
Run 1:36:36 (I was stoked with this split!)

Swim 44:07
T1 5:13
Bike 2:06:26
T2 3:38
Run 1:49:12

Dad and I also finished the SOMA Half Ironman last weekend. Later this week I will do a separate post with a race report and pics.


Blogger Curly Su said...

I've done a half-marathon with my's a great experience, isn't it?!

7:03 AM  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

Hey lady, welcome back! It's good to hear from you and glad things are going well. Your swim group seems awesome- I am proud of you getting up so early to swim for an hour and a half! Man, if I go over 45 min in the pool I am waterlogged!
Yeah for Dad too (and you!) I will have to look up Soma results now!
Bisbee is just adorable and what a lucky pup to have the boys to play with!

5:48 PM  

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