Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday Ride

This Sunday Robo Stu and I planned to go on a nice little bike ride around Palos Verdes. I wanted to show him a route that involved a tougher hill than we normally do, but the distance would be slightly less. I was figuring we would end up doing about 25 hilly miles, in about 2 hours. For some "strange reason," the Kahuna decided NOT to join us on this ride.

When I got to his house, Robo Stu was finishing getting everything together so we chatted about training. He asked if I had done my planned run and swim the day before. I had actually switched my schedule around so that I had done those events Friday and taken Saturday off so I could have some family time. This seemed perfectly reasonable to me, but somehow when I explained it to Robo Stu I could just tell he was aghast. I know he was thinking "What kind of wanna-be ironman triathlete opts to take days off and spend time with their family?" I couldn't blame him for thinking this, afterall he had been programmed this way, and yet I felt guilty.

Our ride ended up being super great. I was able to show him a new route around Palos Verdes. I was slightly stronger on the way up the hill, but not surprisingly he is a better descender. Once we reached the top, we realized that we were going to return home faster than the two hours expected, so Robo Stu asked if I wanted to extend our ride and head to Venice Beach. This is pretty much a rhetorical question because I am pretty sure that whenever one of us suggests going longer/harder, the other will always agree and go along with it. This second half of our ride was mostly flat with a few little rollers. I have to warn all of you IMFL people that RS is awesome on this type of course! I was working hard to keep up and it seemed fairly easy for him. He was super strong and I just know that come November he will be amazing!

By the time that we returned home, we had completed 47 miles! Our total ride time was almost exactly three hours. Our average was 15.4, but that is a little deceptive because the hills in the beginning were so tough and we had to go super slowly through some of the more congested beach sections. My legs felt like mush by the end, but I have promised myself to try to do runs after every long ride, so I headed to the local track. My heart rate was pretty high after the ride, so on the run I had to go so slowly to bring it down. I think I ended up running four miles at a 12 minute pace. Like I said, it was SLOW! My husband brought the boys to the track to cheer for me, so that was fun. Nothing like having two four year olds running by saying "Wow, look how much faster I am than you mommy! I am going to play on the grass for a little bit, but I will come back and race you when you come back around." I was tired for the rest of the day, but felt great about the brick workout.

***Anyone want to place bets on whether Robo Stu took a long way home just so he could add three more miles for an even 50? Hmmm....


Blogger Mojo said...

Sounds like you are a great cyclist. I think it's better to be strong going up hills rather than down them. He descends more quickly only because he's bigger!

Good for you for having a family day, you train smart. And for running after your ride. Those are the type of things that prepare you for race day! I need to run after rides more often, thanks for the reminder.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

I want to be cycling more! Hmmm...many reasons that I am not on the road more, but the first and foremost is that I have an OLD bike..and I want a "real" tri bike. Maybe in the fall sometime-was thinking about the 67 miler in the Tour as I really hate the mass start for the longer event. And I have done it quite a few times already, so it doesn't quite pose the challenge for me.
It's hard to get in bike training miles! This is the reason why I am only going for an IM distance after I retire. There really is NO WAY that I could ever get in the mileage working full time!
So...just planning ahead. I will pencil in "Tour" for November! :-)

5:06 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Hmmm. Family time is biking 47 miles and then running 4? Jeez. That's pretty hard-core. Anyway, good for you for balancing family and training. You know where your priorities are, and that's good. If I can bike 47 miles one day at 15 mph avg, I will be a happy girl.

10:42 AM  
Blogger greyhound said...

Robo's programming will not tolerate stopping only three miles short of a half-century.

Be sure and drop by to read about Robo-Christy in my post about the Buffalo Springs bike leg.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Comm's said...

I wont take that bet. he did 50.

1:52 PM  
Blogger tri-mama said...

I think you need to change your name to Robomom or Trirobomom-you are an animal! Great riding you two, and a family track workout to boot. I used to take the Tribe to the track with their bikes and big wheels-that works great.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Flatman said...

Hey B...

Where have you been????? :)

12:59 PM  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

Where are you and what have you been up to? Still coming to Tucson for the Tour?

11:54 AM  
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