Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wildflower Triathlon

I know I have been a horrible blogger, but the last month has just been crazy. Normally the kids and school are enough for me, but the added bonus of training for my first half-ironman made it too much for me to handle blogging as well. So, this post will probably be fairly long, since I want to include a bit of training detail.

About five weeks before Wildflower, my husband and I decided to preview the bike course. Since babysitters can be hard to come by, we decided to do a one day trip. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning and drove the four hours up to the race site. The whole way I was honestly questioning our decision to see the course. It had been a rough week and I was very tired and I just wasn't sure I needed the practice more than the sleep. However, once we pulled into the campgrounds all my feelings of doubt went away. There were signs everywhere for the upcoming event as well as huge posters of athletes. When we pulled into the parking lot I got even more excited because we were surrounded by other athletes there checking out the course. Considering the race was five weeks away, the vibe was amazing. After checking out course maps, Greg and I unloaded our bikes and set out on our adventure. Since he was on a mountain bike, and we just wanted to practice, we agreed to keep the pace slow and stop periodically to enjoy our surroundings. We were blessed to see at least fifty deer that morning which made everything all the more special. Beach Hill was very daunting, and honestly after that my confidence was pretty low. I was doubting how I would make it through the whole course that day much less during the race. I would say it took me about forty five minutes to really get into my groove. We stopped around mile 12 so we could get something to eat and enjoy the scenery.

Greg reminded me of a little kid talking about how much fun he was having and how glad he was we decided to come out and do this. After a brief break we started up again with me in the lead. I had just peddled away when I heard a loud cracking sounded that was quickly followed by a loud cussing sound. I looked back to see Greg still straddling his bike immobile. His chain had completely broken! After about twenty minutes of training in vain to fix it we realized out adventure was over and I headed back to get the car. The neat part was that after I left a woman working for the race drove by and picked him up! Apparently the race had sag support out for people practicing. That really impressed us.

Although the broken chain effectively ended the day for my husband and I, we still enjoyed our time together. The next weekend I ended up going up with friends for my second attempt to preview the course. I rode the bike course one day and the next did the swim and run. By the end of this second weekend I was scared but prepared. The bike course almost seemed manageable but the run scared me a lot.

Race Weekend:
For the race, my mom flew out from Tucson to stay with our sons. Greg and I drove up early Friday morning and established camp near the LA Tri Club. There we met a very nice man named Marsh who we ended up hanging out with a lot of the weekend. Although I was very nervous the day before the race, I was also very excited. I had done all I could in training and now was the fun part. I realized the race had three components: nutrition, emotional and physical. For the physical part, my training was in the bank and now I just needed to concentrate on pace and stay relaxed. For months I had pushed myself to train because I was incredibly worried about making the cut-off times. Now, I was fairly confident I would make the times but also wanted to have a good overall race. For the emotional side, I pledged to enjoy the moment. I considered myself lucky to be taking part in this legendary race and I decided to remind myself of that frequently on race day. I also made the decision to live in the moment as much as possible. I promised myself that I would only think about the event I was on. For example, I wasn't allowed to worry about the grueling bike leg while I was gutting through the swim. For the nutrition side, I used Power Bar's Race Day Calculator to give me an idea of what I needed. Based on this, I decided to have one gel with a swig of gatorade thirty minutes before the start of the swim. Then on the bike, I would had a gel (or three gel blocks) roughly every thirty minutes starting from when we exited the park. I had my aero-bottle mounted so I could drink comfortably from the aero position. On the run I had one gel at miles 2, 6 and 9 and gatorade or water at each aid station. I spent a lot of time thinking about and reviewing my race day strategy and by the start of the race, I felt good-to-go.

The Swim:

From the start of the swim I was having a blast! Yes, I got a few kicks, my legs were grabbed and more than a few zippy swimmers swam over me. However, I was surprised at how relaxed and comfortable I felt. My swim strokes felt pretty easy and at no point did I feel anxious to have the swim be over. I did make a rookie mistake on the swim though, and that was not getting a better defogger for my goggles. I used a new kind on race day that did not work well at all. By the turn-around I couldn't see out of them so I largely relied on the people around me. I also used a large balloon to site off of. Unfortunately, this balloon ended up leading me pretty far off course. When I realized no one was around me, I finally had to stop, completely lift off my goggles and resite. Oh well, lesson learned! The whole time I was swimming I kept wondering what my pace was. However, I refused to look at my watch because I didn't want to make myself nervous if I was going too slowly. Before the race, my husband had asked me how fast I thought I could complete the swim. I told him I expected to finish around fifty minutes. However, if I was having an awesome day then I could do it in forty five. I was absolutely shocked when I got out of the water and saw that my time was forty one minutes!

The Bike

I took my time transitioning to the bike and then set off. As I left I saw many of my training buddies who were doing the Olympic course the next day. It was fun seeing them along the course. Greg also waited for me so he could get some pictures of me as I headed out.

As expected, Beach Hill was tough. However, since this was now the third time in five weeks that I had done it, I wasn't scared by it. I knew what I had to do to get through it and I stayed relaxed. Around mile five, the course goes by campsites and I saw Greg there again. It surprised me to see him because he must have had to run pretty hard to get to that spot on the course before me. -It was a straight shot for him from the swim location but he had to run up a very steep hill. It made me feel good that he was so into supporting me along the way and I knew he would be nearby when I made it back to the transition area in fifty one miles.

When I left the park I started putting my nutrition plan into play and bent down to drink gatorade. Unfortunately all I got was air. After adjusting the straw and still getting just air I realized I had forgotten to fill my aero bottle. This was such a rookie mistake that I found it funny at the time. I had one regular bottle on my bike so I dumped the contents into my aero bottle (and onto my hand) and continued on.

The Wildflower Bike course is legendary for good reason. It is a very difficult course that really doesn't have rest opportunities. I tried to stay at a good pace and worked the flats and remained comfortable on the hills. As expected, "Nasty Grade" was the worst and I was really gutting through it. However, just before Nasty Grade I passed Sarah Reinertsen, and knew that I had nothing to complain about. I considered myself lucky to see her when I did. She definitely provided inspirational to all of us at that point.

After Nasty Grade everyone around me was pretty wiped out. Many people complained about the subsequent hills and how miserable they were. Although I was tired, I really wasn't all that miserable. I knew I was doing everything I could and I also knew what to expect from each hill. No matter what time I got, I knew everything would be okay.

As expected, when I finished the bike portion I saw Greg waiting for me. He was cheering for me and telling me how good I looked. I later heard a message he left for my mom telling her that I had just left for the run and that I was really suffering. At least he had the decency to lie to me at the time!

The Run

From the start of the run, I was miserable. I kept telling my body to move but it was responding very slowly. My pre-race plan was to walk up all the hard hills. However, once I was out there I found myself walking up even tiny hills that shouldn't have been so hard. I don't think it was an energy problem, I just think my body was doing all it could. I tried to accept this and dredged along at my snail's pace. Greg continued his super support crew duties and managed to meet me on the steepest hill of the course and again around mile nine. We figured out later that he ran about ten miles that day in order to see me in so many places.

Around mile 10.5 I was feeling miserable and a little down. I had set a seven hour time goal for myself as the ultimate goal and at that point I knew it was slipping away. Then my friend Monica ran up behind me. Monica is older and started a few waves back, but she is a far better runner than myself. At this point she looked so comfortable that I was very envious. She encouraged me to run with her and keep going. I must have looked so pitiful because she started giving me the best encouragement. She said she was so impressed with me out there doing this event as one of my first triathlons, and that she couldn't believe I found any time to train with young twin boys. I was so grateful for her encouragement that I actually started to cry! She quickly told me not to waste my energy crying and to "Get a move on." I stayed with her as long as I could but eventually I had to let her go. She was willing to stay with me because she is a wonderful person, but I didn't want to slow her down. I promised I would keep going and ran when I could. I finally made it to Lynch Hill, the steep one mile down hill that concludes the race. Although the downhill hurt my knees, I felt really good just to be finishing. Running through the finish line chute was an amazing experience. I was so proud of myself for finishing such a hard race and of course I was physically worn out. Monica waited for me at the end and I thanked her for her support. Then I fell into my waiting husband's arms were I proceeded to cry for about ten minutes. Don't worry they were happy/relieved tears. This was an amazing experience that I would do again in a heart beat. Now I really feel like a triathlete!

Final Times:
Swim: 41:30
T1: 4:08
Bike: 3:36:53
T2: 3:00
Run: 2:30:43
Overall: 6:56:14


Blogger tarheeltri said...

GReat time for a tough course! COngrats!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Fe-lady said...

Great to hear from you! I thought you had left blogger land and I even sent your mom a quick note just to see if everything was OK!
Wow...I am SO happy for you! Great race report and thanks for pix. I have heard about this course for years and years, but the race always falls so close to the end of a school year that I just can't seeem to get (that far) away to race. Maybe after I retire (one more year!) Did you camp? If you already told me in the post, I am sorry as I read it very quickly! (between groups of kiddos!)
Take care! :-)

12:48 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

great pics and race report! way to stick to it with such a big family commitment. I can't believe you went out to see the course and back in 1-day. What a trip. Glad to hear you had a good experience. Hope you get some good R&R.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Paulie said...

You made your time goal. Great job!

4:44 PM  
Blogger Curly Su said...

wow--great job...your bike time kicked butt!!

7:19 AM  
Blogger Flatman said...


9:38 AM  
Anonymous jp said...

Great race report, B and glad to see you posting again....I was wondering if you were doing the race.

That's amazing that your husband snapped both those shots of you on the bike....he must have sprinted up that hill!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Wil said...

GREAT JOB!!! You're my hero :)

1:48 PM  
Blogger Bolder said...

great race! great report!!

well done on a tough TRI course.

Bridget you ARE a TRIATHLETE!!!

5:24 AM  
Blogger Tri said...

Great Race Report. I will be racing at this year's Wildflower Long Course (it'll be my first Wildflower Experience). I really liked the pictures--congrats--Training with kids is tough--I have two boys (15 months and 5 years old). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

2:24 PM  
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1 - Go with the food court. Think it or not, the foodstuff court is the absolute finest put in your mall to satisfy a chick. Here's what you do. Pick a meals site and get in line for the meal. Even while you will be in line, seem to be all around the area where by anyone is sitting and eating. Seem for the young girl seated alone, and even two girls seated together. When you might have your meal in hand, walk over to exactly where she or they can be sitting down and talk to if you'll be able to join them. If you are trustworthy and straightforward with them, your odds are very fantastic.

2- Do some thinking. Just before you even look at going towards local mall to satisfy a female, sit your self down and do some major thinking. Give some thought to how you can connect with a gal and what you could say to her if you should be productive. Consider which parts of your shopping mall you'd pay a visit to. Also, you're likely to have to purchase one thing whilst there, what do you will need? As a final point, look into what meeting a female in a public spot entails. Definitely you are likely to need to appear to get a wedding ring just before speaking to a lady, and you may be required to start thinking about if it is wiser to speak to a girlfriend alone or 1 who's with others. At last, you may have being practical about your personal age along with the ages of a female you choose to satisfy. As in, you'll really have to tell your own self to become realistic and don't you could try to fulfill women which might be a whole lot younger or older than you're the one, or that check out of your league.

three - Ask for assist. The moment you should be eventually on the shopping mall, 1 of the procedures to fulfill women is by asking them for support. Females be aware that males have no concept what they may be working on once they are purchasing, so asking for allow will not seem this kind of a ridiculous concept. Request aid in picking out a jacket for oneself for instance. Undertaking so let's the woman know which you are single. If she agrees to aid you, find out her other queries as you grab distinct jackets to you could try on.

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