Monday, March 27, 2006

Strawberry Fields Race Report

First let me say that I am very sorry I have been a bad blogger over the past week. We are remodeling our kitchen which means I have tried to be out of the house most of the day. In the evening I have been trying to study psychology and I told myself I could not blog again until I took my exam. My exam was online so I took it tonight and just got a 98%. Now, I am trying to block out those thoughts of "Damn, what could I have possibly missed?" by writing my first tri race report.

As you all know, I have been all about Wildflower Long Course since my training began. In fact, I have been so single minded in my focus that although I have long been planning to do the Strawberry Fields Triathlon, I never actually bothered to sign up. By the time I got around to it, online registration was closed. Thus Saturday morning I loaded my overly supportive family for the drive up to Oxnard to register. Maquest said it would take 1.5 hours, but due to traffic it was closer to 2.5. Then I had to wait in an incredibly long line while my family played on the beach. About forty five minutes into my wait it started to rain. UGH! Finally about twenty minutes later I was registered, so we piled back in the car for the drive home. That night I had just enough time to eat a good dinner and pack everything for the race. As I did this, I decided these were my race goals:

  1. .25 mi swim: survive, take it easy, just get through it and don't drink too much of the Pacific
  2. 11.5 mi Bike: Kick Butt!! I wanted this leg to be fast. I was even willing to sacrifice the run just to have a fast bike leg. I was hoping for 18mph.
  3. 3 mi run: Beat 30 minutes, but if possible work to be faster. 24 min was my ultimate goal

Race morning I was as nervous as can be. I kept thinking on the drive how I shouldn't be this nervous for this race. Afterall, this was definitely not an A race for me and it was all about learning. My husband kept reminding me I was doing this to have fun, but I wasn't so sure. All these awful self doubts kept creeping into my head.

Once we got to the race I was actually much more calm. Suddenly I had something to do, and focused on getting my transition area set, my wetsuit on and a warm up in. I met up with my camp friends which really helped calm my nerves. After a bit, we decided to head down to the water. Up until this point, I couldn't see the waves because they were over a sandy hill. However, I kept hearing about them and got a little nervous. Once I saw the waves I knew it would be a rough swim but I also knew I would make it. They were big and would be a challenge, but honestly the waves a week ago were worse. However, once I started to go in the water I realized the situation was pretty bad. The current was incredibly strong. Just by standing in place, I was getting dragged down the beach.

When the first wave, the young men, left we all watched to see how well they would make it to the buoy. Unfortunately only two ever made it and the rest were dragged off course by the strong current. This led to a very long conference with the directors and life guards as they tried to make a new plan. Finally, they decided we would go out past the first set of waves, swim parallel to the beach for 400 yards and then swim in. The young females were the guinea pigs for this plan. They didn't fare much better, so after further debate it was announced that the race would be duathalon.

For some reason, they decided that the first leg would be a run through knee deep water. At this point I removed my wetsuit knowing I could save transition time if I didn't have it. However, after searching in vain for my family I had no choice but to put the suit back on. -This was not fun! Finally my wave took off and we excitedly ran into the water. We all started the run in an eager and polite fashion. When waves bashed into us forcing us to bump into each other, we all apologized and then laughed about being so polite when we couldn't do anything about it. Running through the water proved tough and about halfway through many were walking. I continued to water-jog but didn't get too far.

Finally we were out of the water and running over the dunes to the transition area. I peeled off my wetsuit, for the second time, waved to my family and set off with Kanga. (Thanks for the name idea Fe-Lady, ironically it was the only one I thought of too!)

Once I was on my bike I was so happy. We had a head wind for much of the course, which made me all the more thankful I had my nice aero bars with the bar end shifters. I made it my goal to pass as many people as possible and was able to do just that. I felt strong the whole way, and although I was really pushing the speed I felt great. I suspected there weren't many people in my age group ahead of me, which was confirmed when I made it back to the transition and saw few bikes on my age-group's racks. My husband even said that he didn't expect to see me so soon and that hardly anyone else was back. I had definitely accomplished my bike goal and was all smiles at this point.

The run started off pretty badly. My legs ached and I just knew I was going slowly. Ironically, although I had done many marathons, and consider myself a runner, I am not fast. I am definitely the long-slow sort. I also knew I hadn't done enough brick workouts and made mental notes to amp those up a bit before May 6th. However, after a bit something wonderful happened and I could no longer feel my legs. I felt like I was on auto-pilot. Although I didn't feel fast, I knew I didn't need to walk and that I was doing the best I could. That's all I could ask at this point.

At the 2 mile mark we ran past the finish line. Although I am sure this would be just awful on a longer course, I didn't mind it then because my husband and boys were on the side cheering for me. It was really the only part of the race where they saw me racing and not just transitioning. It was fun to see them, and I love the action pic my husband took!
I was very happy when I finished. Although it wasn't the triathlon I had hoped for, I was very happy with my bike and run performance. Overall my times were better than expected.

Bike: 34:39 (19.9 mph!! Now I wish I had been just a tad faster), 5th in my agegroup!
Run: 24:27 (super fast for me!)

Overall: 1:09:11
11/51 in my age group
35 female overall

I am incredibly happy with how well I did. I know a sprint doesn't imply anything for long course, but I do have some confidence.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Day of Tri Camp

(Sorry about two posts in one day. The weekend was very busy so now I am trying to play catch-up)

Saturday was our last day of tri camp and we did a practice triathlon to end things. I had wanted to do the half-ironman distance for the swim and bike, but weather conditions ended up preventing that. Our swim was in the ocean, and this time the waves were pretty big. Our swim instructors coached us on how to go through the waves and what to look for. We all stuck pretty near each other until we made it past the surf. Then, we turned so that we were swimming parallel to the beach for about an eighth of a mile. Once again, I was not very comfortable in the water. Although we were past the breaking waves, the water was still a little rough. After awhile, I couldn't see anyone around me unless I stopped for a bit and looked past the rolling surf. This made me more than a little uncomfortable. After doing the eight-of-a-mile loop a few times I noticed that everyone else was half-way back to shore. This sort of freaked me out because I didn't hear anyone say that was the plan, and I felt like I was stuck out by myself. Luckily one of the swim coaches spotted me and swam with me to shore. I found out later that lifeguards on the beach made an announcement calling everyone back in because the conditions were becoming unsafe. Now I don't know if I am more bothered by the announcement itself or the fact that I didn't hear it. In hindsight, I don't think my group should have been out there at all.

When we got back to shore I tried to quickly transition to by bike. However, this was next to impossible because I was absolutely frozen. I couldn't even buckle my helmet myself! I finally got on the bike and set off for my long leg. Our bike course was set up so that we road about 3 miles to the start of a 3.8 mile loop. We were to do this loop as many times as we wanted and then head back to the transition area for our run. Most of the people in the camp were training for sprint distances, so after a few loops there weren't many of us out there. By the fifth loop only one other camper and I were sticking it out. By this time, a pretty strong wind had kicked up which made life miserable and made my already frozen toes hurt even more. Finally, the two of us had enough and decided to call it a day. On the way back I tried to keep up with him because he is a much faster cyclist. I managed to stay close the whole way and rode between 18 and 22 with a strong wind the whole time. In the end, I rode thirty miles with a 17mph average. The course only had slight hills.

For the run leg we were supposed to do one mile out and one mile back loops as many times as we wanted. I ran two miles and decided that I had enough. I just couldn't handle all the repetitions and felt worn out. My total time of activity was almost three hours, so although it wasn't the planned workout I still got in a lot of exercise.

I am down to seven weeks until Wildflower. Unfortunately I have been fighting a cold for the last week and still feel pretty tired from it. I am going to try to work on the endurance this week and not worry about speed as much until I am feeling better.

LA Marathon Update

Although I decided not the run the marathon this year, I participated as a spectator so I thought I would post about that. On Friday my mom and I took the boys to the Expo to pick up my Dad's number. Along the way I took advantage of the deals and bought some Cliff Shot Bloks in the Cran-Razz and Strawberry Flavors. I have really started to like using them on my bike rides. I also bought Carb-boom gels. These are the only gels that I have been able to consume lately. Everything else just tastes gross. I decided to go a little daring and try their Rain Sports Drink for women. I have always been a gatorade fan, but thought maybe I should try something with a little less sugar.

When we were wandering around I saw Triks Sport Skirts display. I have been thinking about getting a running skirt for awhile so we went over to check them out. -I should say now that I NEVER were skirts, but for some reason the idea of a sports skirt really appeals to me. Little Bub walked up to the woman there and smiled his super flirty smile which made her laugh. Right away she said 'Oh, I can see who the flirty one is. This one is trouble!' He then asked me what her name was. I thought I knew who it was, but didn't want to look stupid so I told him he should ask her. So, he did and she replied 'Nicole.' At that point I became a bumbling idiot and was like 'Oh, wow you're Nicole DeBoom? That is so cool! I am training for a triathlon right now. Hee, hee.' Anyway, she was very nice and didn't seem at all scared off by my gushiness. -Btw, I really don't normally gush over people like that. I am just so awestruck by good triathletes! She talked to my mom and I a lot and you could tell she was very proud of her company. My mom tried the the Gym Girl version on and loved them so much she bought two. Then, being the super mom that she is she bought my sister and I the marathon girl skirts. I tried it on at home and it was super comfortable. I cannot wait to take it for a run! Nicole also gave each of us a visor, thus cementing her as one of the coolest professional athletes I have ever met! She signed her autograph for Big Bub that says "Smile and have fun while you win the race." For Little Bub, who is definitely my flirt, she wrote "Don't be sad if you get passed by a girl! Have fun."

On Sunday my Dad ran the LA marathon while my mom and I acted as support crew. We hadn't originally planned to meet him along the course, but at the last minute we both decided we wanted to cheer him on. So, armed with the official course map that had about eight streets and was not to scale, we attempted to navigate around LA. After driving in circles for a bit we realized only one of us should navigate and it wasn't me. My mom ended up doing a great job and we were able to see my Dad before mile 18 and again around mile 22. We bought red vines and pretzels and handed them out to the runners. It was great to be able to give support to so many of then. Although I was initially sad to not be running, I had such a good time cheering that it turned out to be a really fun day. I was especially moved around mile 22 seeing the Student Run LA kids out there. They all looked so young and it was so sad to see them in so much pain. Although a lot of people are against young kids running so far, I still think those runners were accomplishing something that can really help them in their lives. My Dad finished in 5:08, which was his PR for Los Angeles. I was very proud of him! He has now completed 8 marathons which means we are tied and I am definitely doing San Diego in June. -Not that my family is competitive or anything...

At the finish line, I ran into my triathlon buddies whom I had briefly considered running with. They all finished between 4:30 and 4:50 which was great for them considering their lack of training. However, I know there was no way I could have run that fast with no training so it was definitely better that I took the safe route and didn't hurt myself. Of course, I have that twinge of jealousy that makes me wish I could not train and be that fast, but that's not who I am.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Open Water Swimming

One of my focuses in the last week has been getting more comfortable swimming in the open water. Last week, despite the bad weather, my triathlon camp met for an endurance swim. We were able to swim in a protected bay, so although the waves in the open water were bad, it was great where we were. Here is a picture of the bay with my boat in the background. (only kidding!)

Since the temperature was FREEZING outside, none of us were particularly excited about getting in the water. So, after donning our wetsuits we played around for a bit and posed for some pics. Below is me (on the left) with some of my tri-camp friends. The four of us are planning on doing IMAZ '07, so we have started calling ourselves "Team Arizona."
When we first got in the water I splashed around for a bit and really concentrated on relaxing and getting comfortable. Since there were no waves it was easier than my previous camp open water experience. Once the group was in the water, we set out on a course that followed buoys for a quarter mile out and then we returned to the starting point. When I started the swim I was worried about how much pain my face was in. I mean it was so cold that my face literally hurt. I tried to make myself keep my face in the water and practiced bilateral breathing. Thankfully, after a few minutes my face either warmed up or went numb. Either way, it no longer hurt and I was able to get into a rhythm. By the end of my half mile swim I was actually feeling very comfortable and would have happily swam the course again. So, the good news is that I felt ready for a calm one mile swim, and since Wildflower is in a lake I am getting close to my goal.

On Sunday, my group practiced entries and exits in the ocean. This time the waves were pretty big and it was a big challenge getting in and out. After about a half hour of practicing going in and out I was more tired than I would have expected. Earlier this week my group met again for an ocean swim. This time the waves had mellowed and we swam for about a quarter of a mile. We plan to keep doing these ocean swims and will add to them each week. We seem to have a pretty consistent and dedicated group. Although we are different speeds, everyone is really good about allowing for catch-up stops and making sure everyone is safe and comfortable.

We have planned one more swim tomorrow morning and then Saturday is my practice triathlon to mark my final day of camp. I am hoping to do the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike but only about thirty minutes of running. I figure since running beats me up the most then that is the part I will go easiest on. Saturday will be a good chance for me to practice my nutrition plan for the big day. I am going to mainly drink gatorade and I plan to consume carboom, cliff blocks and maybe one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I will try to post pictures after the big event!

On Sunday my dad is running the LA Marathon. Assuming I can move, I hope to meet him around the half-way point and keep him company.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It's all about the BIKE

After months of planning, countless hours spent researching and debating, last night I was finally able to pick up my complete brand spankin new bike. I am so incredibly excited! Last night I was able to take it for a very short test ride and even then the difference between that and my canondale was obvious. My new baby is so much more comfortable!! Yet, it also felt fast.
Today I was able to take it for a nice little ride up in Palos Verdes. My mom is in town so she rode my old bike and I got the new one. To be fair, I did let her test out the new one. She thought the tri geometry felt weird and also that the saddle was awful. She was right. I had been contemplating getting the Terry Butterfly Tri Gel, but since my LTS doesn't carry Terry they put a Serfas on for me. I am not even sure which one it was but it was awful. I rode for just over an hour today and yet, I am still sore hours later. I hurt just standing around. That saddle is going back!

But I digress. All in all my ride was just so awesome. I felt great going over bumps and was able to get my speed up very well. I also really liked having the extra gear when going uphill. I felt like I was able to keep my cadence up a lot better than I could on my old bike. My new bike finally has a computer so I can watch my cadence which was pretty entertaining. It was funny how quickly I reverted back to staring at the computer gizmo given that I haven't trained with one in a very long time.

My mom was kind enough to act as official photographer, so enjoy the picks.

Since my mom is in town I haven't been that great about keeping up with the blog, but I will try to post again soon. I even have picks from a recent ocean swim! I am taking my new toy for another spin tomorrow and of course I am really looking forward to it. In the meantime, does anyone have any good name ideas for a Quintana Roo Santo?

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ready for the Weekend

Despite a couple of setbacks earlier in the week, I feel like things are back on track. Yesterday I was able to get in my double workouts (swimming and riding), and this morning I went for my run. I will be lifting weights later today, and trying to stretch a lot this evening.

Yesterday's ride was once again in PV for 28 miles. I am getting very used to that ride and can pretty much anticipate how I will feel during and afterwards. However, on yesterday's ride, one of the camp coaches was with us and he really encouraged us to go faster than we would in a race. Although I felt very tired in the beginning, I was able to get in my groove by the middle. Since we were running short on time, we did the scary downhill return trip. You all can imagine how 'Il Penguin' did on that section. At the start of it the coach told me to take the whole lane since the speed limit was 25mph and we would be going at least that anyway. Now, to speed junkies I am sure this would be good news. However, penguins are happy being slow and thus the news was unwelcome for me. By the time I reached the bottom, my coach said "It's a good thing we went that way today. It will really help improve your handling skills." I think that was coach pc-talk for "Wow, I had no idea someone could suck so badly on the downhill portion of the ride." I rode with a friend of mine (the fast runner) and we figured out we need a relay where I can go uphill and she can go down. The good news is that although I really pushed myself, I didn't feel too bad afterwards and didn't have any aches and pains this morning.

The bad news is that my legs were noticeably fatigued on my run this morning. My heart rate was super low, but I could not pick up the pace at all because my legs just had no energy. -It was also crazy windy this morning, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I am trying to organize a group ride for Sunday so I can get in a long ride. I really need between forty and fifty miles this weekend. Time to step it up folks!

Tonight my bike should be built! I am so excited for it. I promise to have lots of new pictures as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend folks!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Mommy Triathlete

Today definitely didn't go as planned. I had wanted to do spinning at the Y, followed by weights and then run while the boys were at school today. Spinning and weights worked out fine but when I picked the kids up, the child watch workers told me that Little Bub seemed to be feeling very tired. Apparently, even though it was very early, he had asked if everyone would think he was a baby if he took a nap in the baby room. After assuring him that even big kids need to rest sometimes, he proceeded to go rest until I picked him up. Change of plans! So, I ended up bringing them both home and they took nice long naps. I am guessing they are coming down with something. UGH Since I don't have a treadmill, their naps signified the end of my workout day. It's funny what this half-ironman training does to my psyche. In the 'old days,' a day with spinning followed by weight lifting would have been a good workout. Today I just think of it as an unplanned easy day. I will try to get my long run in later in the week but I haven't figured out when yet. The good news is that I studied during nap time, and after naps the three of us spent an hour on the couch reading a book about an adventure in the Arctic.

Tonight when I was getting them ready for bed, Bib Bub asked me if I was going to be an Ironman one day. Of course I assured him that I was and that hopefully next April would be the date. He then asked what being an Ironman would mean. I told him that would mean I had proved myself in a grueling endurance event. Being the whipper-snapper that he is, he then asked "Well, then why would you only want to be a half-ironman this year?" Clearly at just four years old, he has already forgotten about "Baby Steps." Still, I have to say that I am insanely proud that just before he drifted off to sleep, Bib Bub was thinking about what it would take to be an Ironman. When I kissed Little Bub goodnight he told made me promise to one day take him to see an Aurora. Some days I wonder if I have achieved balance and been a good mother, athlete and person. Today I know was a good day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


When I was riding on Sunday I came up with two very important nicknames. The first is for road bike. I know the reason I never really bonded with this bike was because it didn't have a good nickname (that and the fact that is was uncomfortable on long rides). However, on Sunday it just came to me. You see, I am starting to get more comfortable on the bike and know I am in this for the long haul. While I am getting a tri bike, I intend to keep this bike and use it on days when I want road geometry. So, I decided to name my road bike "Sparky." Somehow it just came to me. I think because it is starting to light the fire under me, and I am enjoying riding and becoming a cyclist. -I'm definitely not a cyclist yet, but one day...

The second nickname is for myself. You know how Paolo Savoldelli from the Discovery Channel squad is known as 'Il Falco?' Well, on some steep descents I realized that my nickname should be 'Il penguin.' I am just awful going downhills! I brake the whole way even for little speed bumps. Like the real penguin, I want to fly but it just isn't working out. Of course I won't really call myself that, but it did crack me up to think it as I was continually braking.

This afternoon I picked out the components for my bike. I cannot remember everything, but this gist of it is that is it mostly Ultegra.

Since I know I will keep riding my road bike, I decided to go daring and get the bar end shifters and true tri bars. Here they are:

(I even got that nifty drink system for it).

Hmm, I wish I could remember everything else. I know I have carbon cranks, and a carbon aero seat post but I cannot remember the brands. They are going to try to build it by Friday but I may not be able to get it until Saturday. I had to bring the kids with me to pick everything else and it was really tough for them to sit through it. I know they would never make it through a bike fitting, so I need to see when my husband it available to play with them. I would like to think he would leave work at a moment's notice whenever my bike it built, but that might hinder our ability to pay for said bike.

As for training, things are still going well. The last two days have been pretty easy because I only did one activity each day. Yesterday I had an easy run and today I swam. Tomorrow it is back to the double workouts which I am really looking forward to now. In the rest of my life, I am back to studying. I mentioned before that I am taking Psychology online and this week I finally needed to get my butt in year and work on it. It sure is hard to find more time in the day for it, but I think it is going to be interesting. -Or at least I hope it will be interesting when we get past the history and into the nitty gritty.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kicking off the Week

Hi everyone, I hope you were able to get in good training this past weekend. Due to the rain last Friday, my ocean swim on Saturday was cancelled. We ended up swimming with a Master's Swim group that morning. The practice was good and challenging. It was my first time swimming in a 50 meter pool and at first I had a tough time getting into the groove. However, after a bit I was feeling strong and was able to keep pace with my lane-mates. We swam for about an hour and then transitioned to the run.

Our run was set-up as a 1.5 mi out and back loop. Since everyone in the camp is training for different events, we were supposed to do the loop as many times as we wanted. I ran with a woman who is a faster runner than me so I got a very good workout. -It was her easy day and my hard day, which is always difficult to take psychologically, but still good to do once in awhile. We ended up running 12 miles in 1:47. (Although I suspect the course was a little short, and we only ran 11-11.5 miles) Obviously it was a great tempo run for me! After our workout a few of us went to breakfast and of course chatted about races we all want to sign up for. They were encouraging me to do the LA Marathon with them in a couple of weeks. At first I was very tempted, but then I changed my mind. They promised they would take it slow, and I am sure they would, but even slow 26.2 miles could really wear out my body. I decided I have trained too hard for Wildflower to mess it up.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my parents who were visiting from Tucson. On Sunday, they watched the boys so my husband and I could go for a long ride. We rode around 35 miles in Palos Verdes. My legs were sore from the run the day before but I still had a pretty good ride. I feel very comfortable at that distance now and know I could race it well. Unfortunately, my race is 56 miles so I really need to increase my distance. Next weekend I will try to get in 40-50 miles.

Tomorrow I am taking my frame to the LTS so they can start to build it. I am so excited!! I am getting everything for the bike, including new saddle and pedals, so that I can have two complete bikes. When my mom comes back from Hawaii I plan to take her cycling and she can use my road bike.

This morning I ran 4 miles at a super easy pace. My legs were very sore from the weekend so I decided to skip spin class this morning. This is supposed to be one of my harder weeks, but I don't think I should push it when they are this sore. (I don't know, maybe I should?) I will still get in one spinning class and two outdoor rides later in the week, so I think that's pretty good.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Happy Friday Everyone

Today is my rest day and I have to say it is so hard to take rest days. I'm okay with the part where I get to sleep in, but after that I feel ready to go. So, instead of working out I did some house cleaning in preparation for my parents' arrival tomorrow and then I have played lots of games and read books with my boys. We tried Shrinky Dinks this morning and they were a big success!

Yesterday I had an awesome ride in Palos Verdes. Originally four of us had planned to go, but only one other person was able to make it. I felt bad when I saw it was just the two of us because I am significantly slower than him. I felt like I was really slowing him down and I just knew it must have been boring for him to ride with me. However, he was really awesome about it. He gave me tips on conquering the hills and encouraged me to keep my speed up. He also made it a point to tell me the only way I would get faster is by riding with guys and that I should try to ride with him whenever I could. I thought it was nice he mentioned riding with him again and didn't just say "So, ride with guys when you can and um, good luck with that." We are even going to ride together again next Thursday. His hard cycling day is Tuesday so on his easy day he is still riding around thirty miles in Palos Verdes, which is pretty good. I told me he thought I was probably in the top 25 % of female cyclists. Not sure where he got that figure, but it made me feel good.

On the ride I really got to thinking about how I have been training. So far, my goal has been to complete a HIM and not DNF. My only thoughts in regard to speed were hoping that I would go fast enough to make the time cut-offs. While I still think my only goal for Wildflower should be finishing, I think in the future I really can get faster. I don't really see my run time improving much since I have run this pace forever, but since I am a relative swim and bike newbie maybe I can improve those areas. I think when my camp is over I am going to be brave and join one of the group rides with the LA Tri Club. I don't know if this is a common feeling, but group rides scare me because I hate the thought of everyone waiting on me. Go ahead and say "Suck it up Bridget and go for it" since I know that's true!

Tomorrow our camp is scheduled for an endurance ocean swim and a long run. However, the swim might get cancelled due to bad weather. My parents are flying in tomorrow so I will see them when I get home from camp. They are only staying one night though because they are leaving for Hawaii the next day. Must be rough! Luckily they will be back in another week for a longer stay. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Ramblings

Yesterday I was talking to my mom and she mentioned how obsessed my Dad has become with training. She said that all he wants to talk about is his marathon training or upcoming race. She even said that *gasp* all the vacations he wants to take this year involve races. While I would normally like to sympathize with her, in this case it was hard. You see, yesterday morning I attended spinning class and then lifted weights for forty five minutes. As we were chatting I was on my way to my 8.5 mile run and I was thinking about my next activity and contemplating my own race schedule. Clearly, I was not the right person to lament the down side of living with an endurance athlete! She asked if my husband ever gets tired of my obsession and I replied in all honesty that I never get a chance to ask him because I fall asleep too quickly at night. lol Anyway, our conversation was just another reminder of how much we all need our support crew to reach the starting line on race day. I know I am insanely lucky to have a family who supports me and is always there to cheer me on. Really, the only thing we can do after thanking our support crew is to encourage them to join us. Whenever possible my husband joins me on bicycle rides. I think these rides help us feel like we understand each other better and of course they also provide some together time.

On the workout front, things are going well. I am still plugging along with my swim group and feel like I am getting stronger. Since we are usually only swimming between 1800 and 2100 yards each day, the coach wants me to start getting there earlier to get more time in. He wants me to swim 30 minute sets before each practice for an extra warm-up and more yardage. Since it is only thirty minutes of sleep I will be giving up, I am willing to do that.

I am also proud to say I managed to get in both weight sessions this week and attended "Yoga Challenge" once. That class was definitely harder than the beginner one, but I really enjoyed it. I will try to attend it as much as possible.

I am very excited because my new frame is scheduled to arrive today! If it does, I should be able to take it to my LTS today or tomorrow and have them start building my super cool new tri bike. Yippy! Here is a picture of my new fork:
On yesterday's run I listened to Simply Stu's first three podcasts. They were very entertaining and I recommend them to anyone looking for another good triathlon podcast. On his most recent podcast he is reviewing the Cliffbar nutrition line. I have started using the cliff blocks and really like them. I haven't heard this new podcast but I am interested to hear his review.